Inspired By: Sweet & Feminine

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February has arrived and all I can think about is lace, candlelight, sweet treats & all things feminine!

This month’s inspiration is all about the sweet & feminine bits of life. There is no better month to add a little romance and beauty into your life.

I’ve been incorporating small feminine touches to our bedroom, bathroom & living room to add a touch of pretty to our country farmhouse. For those of us that share our abode with a man, it can be easy to fall into the habit of forgetting the more delicate decorative pieces that make a big difference in the look of our homes.

What is inspiring you this month? I’m excited to see how our home transforms this month with a little touch of lovely!


My Definitive 3 Rules of Better Bedding

Better Bedding: Texture

I have a confession to make: I’m a bit of a bedding snob. My husband likes to joke that given the opportunity, I would spend our entire income on pillows, throws, sheets & duvet covers…and he’s probably right! I figure that nice bedding is justifiable seeing as we spend roughly half of our lives snoozin’. To help reign myself in, I have developed a fool-proof way to create bedding sets with a 5-star feel on a 2-star budget. It all comes down to COLOR, TEXTURE & LAYERS.


Bedding Inspiration: Natural Tones

When it comes to bedding colors, less is really more. Think about the bedding in 5-star resorts compared to roadside motels: neutral colors and simple patterns are a surefire way to instill a feeling of true luxury. I like to find inspiration from color palettes on Design Seeds and stick to tones within the same color family. For example, if I’m into the look of a tropical oasis, I will stick to cool shades of turquoise. It’s simple to mix & match colors when you stay within a few shades of a single tone.


Better Bedding: Texture

My second cardinal rule of bedding is to incorporate texture. While it may seem appealing to match an entire bedding set, I like to mix & match materials & pattern to create a more interesting appearance. As a go-to recipe, I keep the bottom & top layers smooth, throw a cozy layer in the middle & top it off with a more rustic look. You can’t go wrong with the effortless look of natural fibers like cotton, linen & wool!

LAYERSBetter Bedding: PillowsTo finish the look of any bedding, I make sure to layer it up. I follow the foldback method when it comes to making the bed to keep everything fresh. To kick your layers up a notch, drape a cozy throw off the side or foot of the bed. Finally, I top everything off with pillows…nothing makes me cringe quite like a pillow-less bed! I always utilize the shams that come with my duvet cover & throw in 3 or 5 accent pillows to create a comfy, pulled-together look.

I love the way that my 3 rules deliver the look I love at a price I can handle! Do you have any tips or ticks that help you recreate luxury looks at home?

DIY: Sweetheart Doily Wreath

DIY Sweetheart Doily Wreath by Lanterns & Lace

I love this time of year…chilly air, stunning sunsets and an all-around cozy feeling that I just can’t get enough of!

To bring a little bit of texture to my home after packing all of the Christmas decorations away, I turned to a stack of white paper doilies left over from our July wedding. The result was this charming, simple wreath that adds a ton of personality to any season (especially the downtime between Christmas & Valentine’s Day!).


All you need to make your own Sweetheart Doily Wreath is:

Corrugated Cardboard

4″-6″ Paper Doilies


Washi Tape

18″ Ribbon

DIY Sweetheart Doily Wreath by Lanterns & Lace

To get started, trace a heart or circle frame onto your cardboard (mine ended up being about 12″ tall and 18″ wide) and cut out with a sharp knife. After you have your cardboard frame, poke holes all over the surface about 1″-2″ apart in all directions.

DIY Sweetheart Doily Wreath by Lanterns & Lace

Using washi tape, cover the raw edges of your poked frame. This is a great way to polish up the side view of your finished wreath!

DIY Sweetheart Doily Wreath by Lanterns & Lace

Now for the fun part…grab a doily, pinch (1), twist (2), thread (3) & tape (4). Repeat this process until you have filled each hole in your wreath frame. I ended up using about 150 doilies for mine, about 2 for every square inch.

DIY Sweetheart Doily Wreath by Lanterns & Lace

To finish your wreath off, attach an 18″ piece of ribbon to the backside, fluff the front and hang! I am so pleased with the way this project turned out, it is such a fun addition to my Winter decorations!

Puppy Love…

English Cream Golden Retriever PuppyFor our first Christmas together, my hubs pretty much knocked it out of the park and surprised me with my lifelong dream present…a puppy!

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

Our new puppy was a complete surprise to me (I found out Christmas morning!) but had been a top-secret project for my husband since October 2013 when he first found the breeder. He looked high and low for a English Cream Golden Retriever breeder and found a great one just 1 hour from our home. Sidenote: English Creams are not a separate breed, their fur simply falls on the light spectrum of Goldens, making them a great option for warmer climates!

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

In a nod towards my (very!) Nor-Cal upbringing, we named our little white ball of fluff Modoc. He is everything that a new puppy should be…cuddly, rambunctious, energetic, completely lovable and just a little bit naughty! He loves playing with our two cats (the feeling isn’t completely mutual!) and we love watching him discover the world.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

My husband was extra careful to find a breeder that focused on healthy, strong puppies. Goldens can sometimes encounter major joint problems in life, but our little guy has some of the highest rated hips and shoulders around. I can’t wait to share more about Modoc as he grows up, we’re sure enjoying this puppy stage while it lasts!

Inspired By: Light & Bright


Alpinum Pullover (Anthropologie) Essie Limo Scene (Nordstrom) French Christmas (Style Me Pretty) Modern Farmhouse Bathroom (Kelly Dean) Slowly by Slowly (Crafting Chicks) Le Creuset (Life As A Mood Board) Packages (Hearth Homemade) Updo (Anne Sage) Farfalle with Salmon and Asparagus (Williams Sonoma)

January is, without a doubt, the official month of fresh starts. This is the month to commit to resolutions & goals in hopes of making 2015 the best year yet!

I am excited to be kicking off the year at Lanterns & Lace with a fresh slate. One of my to-dos for the year is a monthly ‘Inspired By’ post to share what has been on my mind (and Pinterest boards). You can expect to see a little sumthin’ from some of my favorite focuses: Fashion, Makeup, LifeStylin’, HomeStylin’, Inspiration, PackageStylin’, Hair & Food!

What have you been focusing on this month? I can’t wait to share 2015 with you all…there are some lovely things coming your way!