My Definitive 3 Rules of Better Bedding

Better Bedding: Texture

I have a confession to make: I’m a bit of a bedding snob. My husband likes to joke that given the opportunity, I would spend our entire income on pillows, throws, sheets & duvet covers…and he’s probably right! I figure that nice bedding is justifiable seeing as we spend roughly half of our lives snoozin’. To help reign myself in, I have developed a fool-proof way to create bedding sets with a 5-star feel on a 2-star budget. It all comes down to COLOR, TEXTURE & LAYERS.


Bedding Inspiration: Natural Tones

When it comes to bedding colors, less is really more. Think about the bedding in 5-star resorts compared to roadside motels: neutral colors and simple patterns are a surefire way to instill a feeling of true luxury. I like to find inspiration from color palettes on Design Seeds and stick to tones within the same color family. For example, if I’m into the look of a tropical oasis, I will stick to cool shades of turquoise. It’s simple to mix & match colors when you stay within a few shades of a single tone.


Better Bedding: Texture

My second cardinal rule of bedding is to incorporate texture. While it may seem appealing to match an entire bedding set, I like to mix & match materials & pattern to create a more interesting appearance. As a go-to recipe, I keep the bottom & top layers smooth, throw a cozy layer in the middle & top it off with a more rustic look. You can’t go wrong with the effortless look of natural fibers like cotton, linen & wool!

LAYERSBetter Bedding: PillowsTo finish the look of any bedding, I make sure to layer it up. I follow the foldback method when it comes to making the bed to keep everything fresh. To kick your layers up a notch, drape a cozy throw off the side or foot of the bed. Finally, I top everything off with pillows…nothing makes me cringe quite like a pillow-less bed! I always utilize the shams that come with my duvet cover & throw in 3 or 5 accent pillows to create a comfy, pulled-together look.

I love the way that my 3 rules deliver the look I love at a price I can handle! Do you have any tips or ticks that help you recreate luxury looks at home?